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The Victory, Hereford

Posted on 14. Jul, 2010 by in Pubs

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The Victory, Hereford

The Victory brewpub in Hereford, England is unique in that its bar is contained within a large galleon that comes complete with cannons. Owned by the Hereford Brewery (previously called the Spinning Dog Brewery), the galleon dates back to a refit from the early 90s when the pub was owned by the Jolly Roger Brewery, a Worcester brewery that no longer exists.

The current owner, Jim Kenyon, purchased the pub in 1999 and a year later established the Spinning Dog Brewery. The brewery took its name from the pub’s dog, Cassie, who would frequently chase her own tail. Someone at the Beer on the Wye VI festival said her gyratory antics were a result of licking the nicotine coated walls of the pub, but that’s probably just an old wive’s tale.

On July 1st, 2010, the brewery was renamed the Hereford Brewery. I forgot to ask Jim why it was renamed but as the dog is no longer alive, I’m presuming that he wanted to give the brewery some association to the town where its located.

The Victory, Hereford

Despite it’s size, the galleon doesn’t take up too much space and there is plenty of space at the front of the pub. The pub extends quite far back where more seating is available. The nautical theme continues throughout the pub and at the rear there is a little gallery area that is probably the crow’s nest. To the side of the pub is a large beer garden that is covered with large umbrellas.

The Victory, Hereford

The pub has a good selection of ales all from the pub’s brewery located at the rear of the pub. There were four avilable when I visited – Owd Bull, Hereford Best Bitter, Hereford Original Bitter and Spinach Ale. The last ale is a light, refreshing beer and at just 2.9% would be a great session beer. The beer is actually brewed with spinach but those that dislike spinach needn’t worry as I couldn’t taste it.

For the cider fans, there were four different Westons ciders available on tap as well as Stowford Press.

There were signs around the pub for a quiz night Tuesdays. They offer free curry with the quiz and it’s had some good reviews online. They also offer Sunday Lunches which, unusually, can be delivered to you.

The landlord was very friendly and was more than happy to talk about the pub, the brewery and his beers. As it was quiet when I visited he was happy to give me a mini-tour of the brewery and provide us with a sample of one of the beers.

Venue Location

The Victory

88 St Owen Street



Tel: 01432 274 998

(Twitter: @awv)

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