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The Parcel Yard, London

Posted on 09. May, 2012 by in Pubs

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The Parcel Yard, London

The Parcel Yard is Fuller’s new flagship pub located in the newly renovated Kings Cross Station in London.

Brief History

The Parcel Yard is located in the old 10,000 square foot Great Northern Railway parcel office where mail freight was once accepted and sorted. This spacious building has long been closed and prior to Fullers taking an interest it had lain empty for a couple of decades. The pub is one of the few Grade-I listed pubs in London with the George in Southwark being another.

Location and Interior

The pub is located at the far end of the new concourse between platforms 0-8 on the 9-11 on the west. Hidden behind a large metal beam, the pub is not noticeable at first but after climbing the steps you are presented with the largest station pub in the UK that usually has its doors wide open in a bid to entice you inside.

Both new and reclaimed wood dominate the interior including doors, panelling and floorboards. Due to its Listed status, Network Rail and many different heritage organisations needed to be consulted to ensure that original features were retained. Interestingly, many many of the floorboards were taken from the old Kings Cross Station and are in their original state complete with grime marks. And take note of the poles on either side of corridors in the building as they are holding up the floors!

The ‘ground floor’ has a large and airy central double-height atrium which was proving to be a popular drinking space when I visited. The atrium was once used as a smoking room whilst in use as the parcel office and Fullers have done an excellent job removing decades of yellow cigarette tar stains.

To either side of this atrium are ‘waiting rooms’ that offer some privacy and quiet from the rest of the pub. To the left, the waiting rooms are painted white and appear to be decorated in a more basic way (second class waiting rooms?) to those on the right. They feature more subdued lighting and are perhaps more suited to dining.

At the rear is a large bar featuring a modern metal counter and reclaimed wood front. This is the main bar in the pub and features the largest selection of ales.

Stairs near the pub’s entrance lead upstairs to another spacious area dominated by the central atrium. There is a small, but still sizable bar at the rear that’s decorated in a similar way to larger bar downstairs. Not as many ales available but you can still choose from six Fullers beers.

The Beer

The pub offers the largest selection of any Fullers pub in London with their entire range of ales being available including all available Vintage Ales – bottle-conditioned beers brewed annually from the best of that year’s malt and hops. Interestingly they also offer two guest beers. Sales have been impressive with 50-60 firkins being sold each week.

More Photos of the Parcel Yard

Venue Location

The Parcel Yard

Unit 8, Shared Services Yard

Goods Way



Tel: 020 7713 7258

(Twitter: @awv)

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