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Craft Beer London (iPhone)

Posted on 06. Aug, 2012 by in Apps

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Craft Beer London (iPhone)Craft Beer London (iPhone)Craft Beer London (iPhone)

With London experiencing a huge increase in the number of breweries (heading towards 30) and new pubs, sometimes offering a mind-boggling range of beers, opening on a monthly basis, it’s difficult to track of them all.

There are some excellent pub books available such as Des de Moor’s ‘CAMRA Guide to London’s Best Beer, Pubs and Bars‘ and Peter Haydon and Tim Hampson’s London Best Pubs (2nd ed), but they can date quickly. Des de Moor does an excellent job of making additions and amendments available on his website but you need something that is updated automatically for you. That’s where the Craft Beer London iPhone app steps in.

Launched on Monday 7th August, the app is a companion for a forthcoming book called Craft Beer London published by Brighton-based publisher, Vespertine Press. Described on their website as ‘the capital’s first curated guide dedicated to craft beer’, the authors aim to update the app on a regular basis as more pubs and breweries open.

About the App

The app is split into three main categories – Pubs, Breweries and Shops – and also has a map with each entry plotted on it.


Each of the many dozen pubs feature the usual contact information and rating along with a concise review that succinctly describes what you can expect from the pub including food and more importantly the beer. It’s always difficult maintaining up-to-date beer information for pubs, but by listing some of the beers that have been served in the past gives you a good idea of what to expect when you visit.

Each review is illustrated by some excellent photographs by Luca Sage. Readers of Travels with Beer will appreciate that reviews can be improved greatly with the addition of good photographs.


All London breweries are featured from the larger, more established Fullers and Meantime to the tiny new boys Beavertown Brewing and Tap East. Much like the pub reviews, each features the usual contact information and a short description. Logos are used instead of photographs which is a shame as I’m sure users would have liked to have seen the interiors of the breweries.


A dozen shops are currently featured including the more well known ones such as Utobeer, Kris Wines and Beer Boutique. Each features a short summary of the beers you are likely to be able to purchase there.

Purchase the App

The app is available now on the iTunes store for £1.99 which I wouldn’t say was fantastic value for money but it has introduced me to quite a few new pubs. The Craft beer London website doesn’t mention if an Android version will be made available.

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